Customer Satisfaction is our ultimate goal :


In order to produce quality products, the initial design as well as the manufacturing process must be correct. At Turbon, the quality of our finished products is determined in the development stage. While in development, our engineers define the manufacturing parameters which will ensure consistent high-quality products. Research and development, construction of models and molds, and design of production processes in addition to stringent quality control are all part of the Turbon customer satisfaction system. All of our finished products are engineered to meet or exceed the OEM standard.


In addition to the functional demands of the laser toner cartridges that we manufacture, the environmental impact of these products is also of primary importance to us. A major part of Turbon's core values include environmental responsibility.


When remanufacturing is not possible, our Zero Waste facility enables us to recycle plastics, metals, packaging substrates, and all other materials and bring them back to purpose while avoiding any deposits into landfills. Turbon's dedication to the environment is demonstrated by our recycling actions and not only our words.