Environmental Solutions

Turbon is committed to environmental sustainability. All facilities carry full accreditation of ISO14001 and operate with environmental management systems to fulfil these requirements. Turbon laser cartridges are also produced in accordance to the strict Nordic Swan Eco-Labeling directives.


Turbon operates a "Zero Waste Policy" to avoid any use of landfill wastes whereby any materials not used in the manufacturing processes are recycled responsibly. With many millions of original cartridges being produced each year, the potential for unnecessary waste pollution could reach thousands of tons if they are not diverted from landfill sites. Furthermore, with the plastic for the average toner cartridge requiring approximately three liters of oil to produce, their re-use saves enormous quantities of valuable natural resources.


The remanufacturing of toner cartridges involves the reuse of plastic and metals whilst saving energy and reducing waste and this process reduces CO2 emissions by approximately 25%.


Turbon provides customized and fully integrated recycling solutions around the world for the return and reuse of empty cartridges.


Turbon Cartridges - Green Products for a Clean Environment :


Global Climate change and the reduction of global CO2 emissions are today's biggest challenges. Not only a shift in consumer behavior but also the development of environmentally friendly products will help us create a better environment.


Turbon Toner Cartridges are Green Products:


They reduce global CO2 emissions and provide a lasting contribution to environmental protection. Waste materials are systematically reduced by using green products.


The Turbon recycling programme creates positive environmental awareness and encourages the consumers to save natural resources. Turbon is certified according to ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 - the Environmental and Quality Management Standards and our products are compliant with the Nordic Swan.